Часы Samsung gear 2 r380

Samsung gear 2 r380

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Страна-производитель: Корея

Упаковка: транспонтабельная тара

Масса: 34 грамма

Платформа: Tizen

Процессор: Exynos 3250 (1.0 ГГц), 2 ядра

Память: ОЗУ – 512 МБ, ПЗУ – 4 ГБ

Датчики и модули: пульсометр, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC и ГЛОНАСС

Диагональ: 1,5 дюйма

Разрешение: 432 х 216 пикселей

Защита сенсора: стекло Gorilla Glass 3

Аккумулятор: 200 мАч

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Как продлить срок службы и время работы аккумулятора? Upgrading the Gear The Gear can be upgraded to the latest software.

The Gear automatically upgrades the software when a new version is available. Launch Samsung Kies and connect the Gear to the computer.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Android Fitness Smartwatch SM-R380 Silver Black

Samsung Kies automatically recognises the Gear and shows available updates in a dialogue box, if any. Click the Update button in the dialogue box to start upgrading. Refer to the Samsung website for details on how to upgrade.

If a dialogue box does not appear automatically, click the Gear name in the Connected devices list, and then click Firmware upgrade.

When the upgrade is completed, a completion message appears on the screen and the Gear resets automatically. Charge the battery fully before upgrading the software.

Doing so may interfere with the update process. Doing so may overload the computer. Then, try again. You can use the following examples of spoken commands: The Gear may not recognise your commands or may perform unwanted commands depending on your surroundings or how you speak.

When SVoice is launched and no voice commands are spoken within a specified period, the application enters standby mode. The microphone icon at the bottom of the screen changes to green.

Samsung gear 2 r380

To use voice commands again, tap the microphone icon to exit standby mode. WatchON Remote Use this application to operate the Gear as a remote control for other devices with an infrared receiver. You can use this feature with various devices, such asTVs and set-top boxes.

The remote-control screen may vary depending on the device being controlled. Change the channels. Power button Use additional features.

Tap Gallery on the Apps screen. Viewing images Scroll left or right to view the next or previous image. Zooming in and out Use one of the following methods to zoom in while viewing an image: Pinch your fingers together to zoom out, or double-tap to return.

Playing videos Video files show the icon on the preview thumbnail. Select a video to watch it and tap. To delete multiple files at once, tap and hold the file to delete on the file list screen.

Tap to select all files at once. To share multiple files at once, tap and hold the file to share on the file list screen. Then, add other files to share, and tap. Weather Use this application to view weather information on the Gear for the locations that are set on the connected mobile device.

Tap Weather on the Apps screen. To view the weather information for the week, tap the screen. Find My Device Use this application to find the connected mobile device. The mobile device emits sounds and turns on the screen.

Drag outside the large circle on the mobile device, or tap Stop on the Gear. This feature is available only when the Gear and the mobile device are connected. When the Gear is synced with a compatible S Health application, you can use additional features.

The additional features include, checking your physical condition and exercise records, and more. Pedometer, Sleep, Exercise, and Heart Rate are intended for leisure, well-being and fitness purposes only and are not intended for medical use.

Consult a medical professional if you experience any health problems or need medical assistance. BeforeYou Start Exercising This app can be used to monitor your exercise. While moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking, is safe for most people, health experts suggest that you talk with your doctor before you start an exercise program, particularly if you have any of the following conditions: When in Doubt - Check it Out If you are unsure of your health status, have several health problems, or are pregnant, you should speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Working with your doctor ahead of time is a good way to plan an exercise program that is right and safe for you. Consider it the first step on your path to physical fitness. Wearing the Gear When measuring your heart rate, wear the Gear snugly on your arm above your wrist as shown in the figure below.

Do not fasten the Gear too tightly.

Характеристики Samsung Gear 2 (SM-R380)

The heart rate figures may not be accurate depending on measurement conditions and surroundings. Doing so may cause your heart rate to be recorded inaccurately.

Inaccurate measurements occur when the device is loose and the light used to provide the measurement is reflected unevenly. Doing so may impair your vision.

For example, move the Gear right, left, up, or down on your wrist to adjust the position of the heart measurement sensor. Or, wear the Gear with the heart rate sensor firmly against the inside of your wrist. Before using this application: If you have just purchased or have reset the Gear, read the on-screen information about the application and tap OK.

You can view information, such as step count and burnt calories, on the screen. Current steps Calories burnt Exercise distance 3 Tap the screen, and then tap Pause to stop counting.

You can view previous data on the mobile device where the S Health application is installed. Sleep Use this application to monitor your sleep patterns and record how much sleep you get by detecting body movements while you sleep.

You can transfer the records to the connected mobile device. All sleep that the application detects within the designated period is recorded and combined as the total period of sleep.

The sleep duration appears on the screen when sleep recording starts. Using additional features On the Sleep screen, tap to use additional features: Only records from the past thirty days are saved.

You can plan and adjust your exercise based on the recorded heart rate.

Прошивки SM-R380 — Samsung Gear

To measure your heart rate during exercise, use the exercise feature. For best results when measuring your heart rate: The icon appears and blinks on the screen when heart rate measurement starts.

The measurement will be taken by the device. Then, after a brief delay your current heart rate is displayed on the screen. Exercise Use this application to set diet and calorie goals and plan your exercise programme. View the exercise you have completed in the day and compare it with your exercise goal.

You can also record your exercise achievements in a log. Ensure that the Gear and the mobile device are connected at all times while using this feature. In cold weather conditions: If possible, use the device indoors.

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